A home in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is synonymous with class and elegance. It has so much going for it that the rich and famous are powerless against all its irresistible charms. Maybe it has to do with its self-given title as the ‘golf capital of the world’. It does have a reason as it is estimated to have more holes per capita than any other community. Nobody can resist seeing for themselves if that is really true. The fact that its’s bay’s beauty has been described as surpassing that of Naples, Italy might also have a little something to do with it.

It could also be because in 2005 it was voted the best beach in America by the Travel Channel. Either way, even the shortest visit to Naples, Florida is sure to leave anyone stunned on the huge number and sheer stardom of the people who call this place home. It has a fluctuating celebrity population because although some live there all year round, there are those that only arrive to spend their winter months there. Others just visit periodically as a holiday getaway but at one point or another they cannot resist to check in and sample what Naples, Florida has to offer. Among the notables include Donald Trump, American business magnate, television personality and author. He is the chairman and current president of the Trump Organization. For followers of the reality show, The Apprentice, he is the boss who fires the apprentices weekly. Another name that is sure to stop you in your tracks would be Bill Gates. He is currently ranked as the second richest man in the world and the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft. Imagine how cool would it be for your kids to brag to everyone that you are neighbours with him?
Still on television, Judge Judy is also a noted resident of Naples, Florida. Full name being Judith Scheindlin, she is a popular lawyer, judge and television personality with her own show. Robin Cook, the controversial medical thriller writer is another famous face you are likely to run into in Naples, Florida. Other famous faces include: Robert Bergenheim, founder of the Boston Business Journal; Larry Bird, former NBA basketball player and even Papa John, the founder, chairman and current CEO of the Papa John’s Imternational Inc. With neighbours like these, Naples, Florida never gets boring and living among such celebrities makes one a celebrity in their own right.

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